With a group of two other students, design an awareness campaign for the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Assuming the campaign is privately funded and is intended to educate Americans to what happened on the Trail of Tears and why it matters today, deliverables included a logo, and at least three forms of design, one of which should be multi-paged.
With the demographic set at high school and college students, a set of deliverables was created including posters to be hung in schools which directs the user to an app. This app would allow users to connect with their own step tracker and create a virtual “trail” that they follow, unlocking stories and milestones as they progress. For more detailed and in-depth information, a website was also developed by the team that provides further reading and resources. In keeping with the demographic, the designs are modern and minimal, relying on monochromatic imagery as well as symbols modernized from those significant in Cherokee culture such as rivers, the seven-pointed star, and concentric circles.
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